Crew 8 Logo
Crew 8 is a volunteer organization tied with Scouting that provides EMS and logistical support to California State Parks, Scouting and Community Events.

Our Mission

The mission of Crew 8 is to provide quality volunteer service to California State Parks, Scouting and other Community Events by means of EMS and logistical support. While at the same time teaching valuable life skills and leadership lessons as well as promoting community service.


Formerly the Josepho Team, based out of Camp Josepho, BSA in the Pacific Palisades, the crew was a primary volunteer support staff that helped ensure that Camp Josepho was maintained and kept safe for all visitors. As time progressed, members of the Team established a relationship with the California State Park Rangers, Topanga Sector, at Will Rogers and Topanga State Parks which eventually lead to an MOU with the parks in March of 2007. Over the course of the next few years the focus of the Team was more on supporting the State Parks and Community Events. Through that natural progression, we now primarily service the State Parks and have decided to restructure and rename to “Crew 8”. If you are a youth ages 14 to 21 or an adult 21 and over and are interested in becoming a member of Crew 8 we encourage to go to our Join Crew 8 Page for further information.       

General Information

Crew 8 offers a variety of volunteer services to State Park, Scouting and other community events. We are based out of Will Rogers State Park and primarily service that and Topanga State Park. Most members are First Aid and CPR trained while others are either First Responder or EMT trained in the County of Los Angeles. Other services include communications, parking/traffic control, park maintenance projects, and occasionally assisting with Search and Rescues. Crew 8 is often available to assist your organization with support services for event. While we do not charge for our services, donations are graciously appreciated and used to maintain equipment and provide continual training to our members.